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     3D Printing For Everyone, or 3D4E, is an organization founded to bring together students to explore and contribute to the rapidly developing 3D printing industry. Our organization engages in the fruition of our ideas to reality by utilizing 3D Printing for its prototyping advantages that unlock our members’ potential in the form of projects, some of which develop future product potential. Our members look to break barriers and solve the problems around them to learn from these invaluable experiences and challenges they overcome and be able to share them with the world. Interest outside of the engineering aspect has led to analysis of publicly traded 3D printing companies in financial markets, as well as the sector’s competitive landscape. Focused on education, cooperation, and collaboration across all disciplines, the club guides its members through the basics of additive manufacturing to provide a foundation for the realization of our ideas through 3D Printing.

3D4E: 3D Printing for Everyone!!

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